Building a Digital Dashboard – Software setup

We’ve already looked at how to mechanically build a digital dashboard based on DAKboard or MagicMirror², but simply installing the software or opening up a browser window on the Raspberry Pi isn’t going to be a great solution in the long run. Here’s the software setup and the modifications that I added to the regular Raspbian install to make it a smooth experience!


Making STRONG shelves with Topology Optimization

Today, I’ll take an absolutely boring part and make it interesting — shelf brackets. Using topology optimization with the free version of Autodesk Fusion360. Making STRONG shelves with Topology OptimizationWatch this video on YouTube If you want to have a computer automatically come up with the best geometry for a part that for example will support a given weight, yet use as little material as possible, there are basically two different automated design processes that have become pretty popular these days.

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Use the WRONG parts on any 3D Printer!

​Want to use 12V parts in a 24V printer? Fancy giving your stepper motors a boost by running their drivers at a higher voltage? In this video I’ll show you how! Use the WRONG parts on any 3D Printer!Watch this video on YouTube Okay, this one’s a guide to modifying or building your own printer. Because I’ve just modified and built my own printer, and it uses both a 12 and 24V components in the same system, using two power supplies. Let me tell you why that makes sense andContinue reading


Prusa’s new SL-1 & Updates on the MK3S and Prusament! #MRRF2019

Prusa's new SL-1 & updates on the MK3S and Prusament! #MRRF2019Watch this video on YouTube Here’s what’s new from Prusa! We talk through details of the SL1 and CW1, whether it’s actually going to be open-source and why the MK3S is actually a downgrade in some areas! Thanks to Prusa for sponsoring my trip to MRRF! Check out the SL1 here and the MK3S here Discuss this video


Sienci Lab’s long, new budget CNC router! #MRRF2019

Sienci Lab's new long, budget CNC router! #MRRF2019Watch this video on YouTube I’ve used Sienci’s small “Mill One” before, but now they have an actually capable machine to show — and a new, easy and free CAM tool! Thanks to Prusa for sponsoring my trip to MRRF! Check out the SL1 Check out Sienci at Discuss this video