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Resin prints are weird: Does print orientation matter?

Two videos back I did a bunch of tests on whether resin or filament prints were stronger. Basically, the resins we use, at least that’s the common impression, they are much more brittle than the plastics we use as filaments, but on the other hand, resin prints have no layers adhesion issues, so I wanted to find out if that would actually make resin prints weaker or stronger in the end.

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Things you should know about ABS

Next up in this series, ABS! Ok, let’s start out with probably the most important bit about ABS: There’s not just one ABS, there are dozens of different versions that are all ABS-based or even just ABS-like. Let’s actually start with just ABS itself, which already isn’t just one thing. It’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 

Filaween, Tips and Tricks

Things you should know about PLA

PLA! Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, right? Kinda? Talking to filament manufacturers, it’s obvious that PLA is the number one most-used filament by quite a margin. For many people, it’s the only material they’ll ever print – and that’s ok! Let’s talk about the best practices when printing PLA, how you can use and process the parts and what choices you have when buying it!