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You can now 3D print your parts with Fusion360’s new slicer! Is it worth using?

You can now 3D print your parts with Fusion360's new slicer! Is it worth using?Watch this video on YouTube You can now slice your 3D prints directly in Fusion360, and their slicer actually has a few really nice features. But should you completely switch over to just slicing through Fusion360? Let’s check it out. Okay, I think this has been hardly a surprise to anyone: Fusion360 is already the preferred way of modelling parts for 3D printing for a huge number of you and they’ve also had really good CAMContinue reading


Resin prints are weird: Does print orientation matter?

Resin prints are weird: Does print orientation matter?Watch this video on YouTube Two videos back I did a bunch of tests on whether resin or filament prints were stronger. Basically, the resins we use, at least that’s the common impression, they are much more brittle than the plastics we use as filaments, but on the other hand, resin prints have no layers adhesion issues, so I wanted to find out if that would actually make resin prints weaker or stronger in the end.


Elegoo resin vs. Prusa resin vs. PETG vs. PLA

Elegoo resin vs. Prusa resin vs. PETG vs. PLAWatch this video on YouTube Resin printers! These things have been getting incredibly cheap and really good lately. They’re not quite as convenient or safe to use as filament printers, and the other thing that usually comes up is “isn’t the resin super brittle and weak?”

3D Printer Reviews

Vivedino Raptor 2 Review

This huge 3D printer was fun, but absolutely no one should buy it – Formbot Raptor 2.0 review!Watch this video on YouTube What happens when you try to baloon up a 3D printer’s spec sheet, but don’t actually know how to build a decent 3D printer? Well, Vivedino happens. This is the Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0, and on paper, it’s an absolutely fantastic printer.

3D Printer Reviews

The MK3 of SLA resin printers? Prusa SL1 and CW1 review!

The MK3 of SLA resin printers? Prusa SL1 and CW1 review!Watch this video on YouTube Prusa are in on the high-detail resin printing game — but the first resin printer is a bit of an oddball for them, launching as a premium machine into a market that’s already dominated by simple import machines like the Elegoo Mars or the Longer 3D or Anycubic machines. So do Prusa manage to add enough value to their SL1 to warrant a 6x price premium? In any case, I wouldn’t want to use aContinue reading

Science & Technology

Making cheap acoustic panels

Making cheap acoustic panels for my NEW STUDIOWatch this video on YouTube New decade, new studio! This is the beginning of something great, but as with anything, you have to start small. For me, that means starting with building super affordable acoustic panels to get the space ready for filming.

Tips and Tricks

Resin finishing

Finish your filament prints with SLA resin – fast and cheap!Watch this video on YouTube I have some filament, I have some resin. Uh! Filament resin! Today I’ll try to combine some of the advantages from filament printing, that is cheap, fast and can do large prints with the surface finish of actual SLA resin. Let’s try it out! 


Hemera Review

E3D’s end-all extruder: The Hemera! (Full Review / “formerly known as Hermes”)Watch this video on YouTube So this is the hot new product in 3D printing right now — it’s the E3D Herm.. Hem… Hemera. It’s the Hemera. It’s a hotend — extruder combo that I think does pretty much everything right. So let’s check out what’s new and what’s different compared to what else is out there.