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Tips and Tricks

Resin finishing

I have some filament, I have some resin. Uh! Filament resin! Today I’ll try to combine some of the advantages from filament printing, that is cheap, fast and can do large prints with the surface finish of actual SLA resin. Let’s try it out! 


Hemera Review

So this is the hot new product in 3D printing right now – it’s the E3D Herm.. Hem… Hemera. It’s the Hemera. It’s a hotend – extruder combo that I think does pretty much everything right. So let’s check out what’s new and what’s different compared to what else is out there.


A8 Hemera Upgrade

E3D just announced their new Hemera toolhead. Naturally, I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and my first impressions are that it’s quite a beast of an extruder. And yes, it’s now called the Hemera. Apparently some INTERNATIONAL company was concerned about the HERMES brand and “kindly asked” E3D to change the name. So it’s now the E3D Hemera, other than the name, it’s the exact same toolhead.


Formnext 2019

Hey, what’s up everyone, this is not MKBHD, but I thought a format like this would work for reporting on a few really interesting things that I found at Formnext. I’ve been to way too many shows recently, so I’ll keep this one brief – and I’ll just have this one video with what I got to see in the 23 hours I spent in Frankfurt.


ERRF 2019

Adrian Bowyer’s instant resin printer concept! What if resin 3D prints would take seconds to complete? That’s exactly what Adrian Bowyer is working on by directly using electricity to cure resin into usable 3D parts!

3D Printer Reviews

Elegoo MARS Review

The Elegoo Mars is a nice resin 3D printer – but is resin 3D printing nice? 🤷‍♂️ This is not a cheap 3D printer. It’s a very affordable 3D printer – but unlike filament-based printers, the story doesn’t end there. So while the Elegoo Mars is an incredible, high-detail resin printer, you can’t just it to any other machine that costs under 300 bucks. So today, we’ll look at whether Elegoo are actually managing to democratize printing or if you should just stick to FDM.