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Interviews and coverage from shows from MRRF to TCT


ERRF 2019

Adrian Bowyer’s instant resin printer concept! Crazy 3D printers from ERRF 2019! What you need to know about the $349 Prusa Mini (it’s 32-bit)! Check out the $349 Prusa Mini Providing free spare parts for humans: The e-nable project The e-nable project provides prosthetic hands and forearms for free to people who don’t have access to the ridiculously priced, “professional” options. It’s all volunteers who use 3D printing for good and you can join, too! Learn more at


The #MRRF2019 Experience

Take a walk around the Midwest RepRap Festival 2019 with me! This year is the biggest version of the MRRF yet and it’s overwhelming as always.There’s one more day left, let me know in the comments what you’d like to see more of! Thanks to Prusa Research for sponsoring my trip to MRRF! Check out the SL1 and CW1 Check out the original (failed) stream here Discuss the MRRF2019