ERRF 2019

Adrian Bowyer’s instant resin printer concept!

What if resin 3D prints would take seconds to complete? That’s exactly what Adrian Bowyer is working on by directly using electricity to cure resin into usable 3D parts!

Crazy 3D printers from ERRF 2019!

DIY Toolchanger with 13 tools? Check. Hotend and extruder combo that can melt through 2kg of plastic an hour? Check. Also, a new raw gcode checking and sharing site!

What you need to know about the $349 Prusa Mini (it’s 32-bit)!

The Prusa Mini looks to be a fantastic beginner or a simple workhorse machine – it’ll be interesting to explore where is limits are at 1/3rd of the cost of a MK3S.

Check out the $349 Prusa Mini

Providing free spare parts for humans: The e-nable project

The e-nable project provides prosthetic hands and forearms for free to people who don’t have access to the ridiculously priced, “professional” options. It’s all volunteers who use 3D printing for good and you can join, too! Learn more at

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