Sponsorship guidelines

Sponsorship opportunities on the YouTube channels and blogs produced by NMTS range from product integrations to burnt-in product or service sponsor spots in video content.

Sponsorships are a vital ingredient to online content and marketing. However, there are a few legal and moral limits:

  • NMTS refrains to refuse sponsorship from any party for any reason.
    • Generally, sponsorships are only accepted if NTMS is convinced the product or service is legitimate and provides genuine value to the customer.
    • An accepted sponsorship does not constitute unlimited endorsement by NMTS.
  • YouTube imposes certain limits to product sponsorship integrated into video content. Legal limitations and requirements to declare sponsored content also apply (relevant German and, to a certain extent, US law are considered)
  • Payments for sponsorships are not a way to influence the outcome or time schedule of a product review.
    • Then again, NMTS will most likely refuse sponsorships anyways for products with poor review outcomes.
  • Brand and product integrations may be removed under extreme circumstances.

Up for it? Send an email to sponsors@toms3d.org to get started!