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Interview One Click Metal

Let’s 3D print… with metals! There are a ton of options available now for producing 3D metal parts, but the most straightforward one involves laser-welding pulverized stainless steel directly into your final shape. No de-bindering, post-sintering or other steps necessary to get a fully functional part. And One Click Metal is working on making that technology a lot more affordable*!

Prusa Einsy
Hardware Reviews

In-depth look at the Einsy from Prusa’s MK3! #TCT2017

Best 8-bit 3D printer board yet: In-depth look at the Einsy from Prusa's MK3! #TCT2017Watch this video on YouTube Prusa’s new MK3 comes with a ton of new features, many of which are made possible by the completely re-engineered mainboard! Learn about why the switch away from the Ultimachine RAMBo was necessary, what makes the new Einsy board special and why 8-bit is still totally ok!