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Honest review: The Printrbot Simple Metal (Kit)

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3D Printer Reviews

Vivedino Raptor 2 Review

This huge 3D printer was fun, but absolutely no one should buy it – Formbot Raptor 2.0 review!Watch this video on YouTube What happens when you try to baloon up a 3D printer’s spec sheet, but don’t actually know how to build a decent 3D printer? Well, Vivedino happens. This is the Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0, and on paper, it’s an absolutely fantastic printer.

3D Printer Reviews

The MK3 of SLA resin printers? Prusa SL1 and CW1 review!

The MK3 of SLA resin printers? Prusa SL1 and CW1 review!Watch this video on YouTube Prusa are in on the high-detail resin printing game — but the first resin printer is a bit of an oddball for them, launching as a premium machine into a market that’s already dominated by simple import machines like the Elegoo Mars or the Longer 3D or Anycubic machines. So do Prusa manage to add enough value to their SL1 to warrant a 6x price premium? In any case, I wouldn’t want to use aContinue reading

3D Printer Reviews

Elegoo MARS Review

Is resin 3D printing worth it? (Elegoo Mars Review)Watch this video on YouTube This is not a cheap 3D printer. It’s a very affordable 3D printer — but unlike filament-based printers, the story doesn’t end there. So while the Elegoo Mars is an incredible, high-detail resin printer, you can’t just it to any other machine that costs under 300 bucks. So today, we’ll look at whether Elegoo are actually managing to democratize printing or if you should just stick to FDM.

3D Printer Reviews

How to get your 3D printer hot – faster!

How to get your 3D printer hot – faster (and for free!) Watch this video on YouTube In the recent MK3 review, I compared the heat up times of both the Prusa MK3 and MK2, and you might have noticed that small annotation I had with the MK2 being overvolted. A while ago, I had already published a video on how to do that and have your printer, any printer, really, heat up way faster and reach higher temperatures, but I pulled the video shortly after because it didn’t reallyContinue reading