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Let’s talk about patents. You know, one of the things I’ve learned is that when there’s something that I’m conflicted about, the best and most civilized place to get input on that is the YouTube comments, so I do want to hear your opinions on this – but before you start typing out your take on what the current patent system does or doesn’t do well, hear me out. Because, you know, the situation of patents stopping specific products from existing is something that has been bothering me and aContinue reading

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You can now 3D print your parts with Fusion360’s new slicer! Is it worth using?

You can now slice your 3D prints directly in Fusion360, and their slicer actually has a few really nice features. But should you completely switch over to just slicing through Fusion360? Let’s check it out. Okay, I think this has been hardly a surprise to anyone: Fusion360 is already the preferred way of modelling parts for 3D printing for a huge number of you and they’ve also had really good CAM for milling and turning integrated into the software for quite a while. So now, there’s slicing in there asContinue reading

CNC vs 3dPrinter
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Why 3D printers can’t be CNC mills

Hey, how’s it going, everyone? Have you ever wondered why 3D printers and actual CNC machines seem to be so similar, but rarely you ever see anyone successfully using a 3D printer as a milling machine and vice-versa? Well, today we’re going to look at why that is and maybe at what a compromise could look like to handle both!