The DIY, 3D printed Teleprompter

It was time to upgrade my Teleprompter – here’s what I use it for and what went into making it!

Download the print files and design files

Here are the parts you’ll need besides the printed parts:

  • 295x295mm 3mm polystyrene sheet (acrylic works, too)
  • Roughly 400x400mm piece of black cloth
  • A handful of M4x18mm screws and washers (or equivalent imperial size)
  • A handful of M4 threaded inserts (or equivalent imperial size)
  • One 1/4″-20 screw for the camera quick release (coinslot preferred)
  • 2x 300mm 15mm dia LWS rods (carbon fiber or aluminum)
  • Base plate (between Manfrotto plate and rod clamps)
  • Camera quick release (arca swiss)
  • Teleprompter quick release (Manfrotto)
  • 10″ LCD

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