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3D Printing Basics 1

3D Printing Basics! (Ep1)Watch this video on YouTube A few weeks ago, Hackaday posted an article saying that 3D printing was still way too hard to get into and that finding the knowledge that everyone seems to be taking for granted these days can be kinda hard to piece together. So that’s what I’m going to fix with this video series. Welcome to the basics course on 3D printing! What is a 3D printer?Choosing a machineResin printersFilament printer parts and maintenanceAcquiring print filesBasic slicer settingsWhole 3D printing processRequirements for 3DContinue reading


The road to cutting Aluminum on my Desktop CNC!

The road to cutting Aluminum on my Desktop CNC!Watch this video on YouTube Today we find ourselves in my former printcave — the printers have moved on to the studio, but I’m keeping the dirtier tools here in the basement. And one of those tools is the Sienci Labs Mill One CNC, which for the rest of the video, I’ll call Bob for stupid, but obvious reasons. Bob is a moving-bed CNC router, kinda similar to the Carbide 3D Nomad, and as-is, it was ok, it was usable for lightContinue reading


Starting 3D prints without getting up from my desk – choose from 4 filaments in one click!

Starting 3D prints without getting up from my desk – choose from 4 filaments in one click!Watch this video on YouTube I need a 3D printer that’s always ready to print. That’s just always set up, always ready to go, so that when I have an idea for something that I want to print, I spend five or ten minutes designing it and then can send it right off to the machine without having to hunt for slicer profiles, load filament, prepare the bed or do whatever little naggy jobContinue reading


This is why I love 3D Printing!

This is why I love 3D Printing!Watch this video on YouTube Today I want to share this tool that I made — and even though it’s a super simple tool, this sort of stuff is why I’m still excited about 3D printing and the possibilities it opens up. This week I was putting down some new decking on my balcony and I needed this tool for it — and while you can buy these on Amazon I didn’t want to have to wait that long, Amazon already has a bannerContinue reading


DIY 5.1 Surround speakers – a learning opportunity!

275mWatch this video on YouTube Today I’m finally finishing a project that I started well over two years ago. You know, now is a great time to get all that half-finished stuff done and just get it off your mind. Originally, this was supposed to be a full set of 5.1 surround satellite speakers for my TV, or if you want to call it a “home cinema” setup, but this project hit so many snags that I ended up just getting way too frustrated with it and just kept puttingContinue reading

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You can now 3D print your parts with Fusion360’s new slicer! Is it worth using?

You can now 3D print your parts with Fusion360's new slicer! Is it worth using?Watch this video on YouTube You can now slice your 3D prints directly in Fusion360, and their slicer actually has a few really nice features. But should you completely switch over to just slicing through Fusion360? Let’s check it out. Okay, I think this has been hardly a surprise to anyone: Fusion360 is already the preferred way of modelling parts for 3D printing for a huge number of you and they’ve also had really good CAMContinue reading


Resin prints are weird: Does print orientation matter?

Resin prints are weird: Does print orientation matter?Watch this video on YouTube Two videos back I did a bunch of tests on whether resin or filament prints were stronger. Basically, the resins we use, at least that’s the common impression, they are much more brittle than the plastics we use as filaments, but on the other hand, resin prints have no layers adhesion issues, so I wanted to find out if that would actually make resin prints weaker or stronger in the end.