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Why 3D printers can’t be CNC mills

Hey, how’s it going, everyone? Have you ever wondered why 3D printers and actual CNC machines seem to be so similar, but rarely you ever see anyone successfully using a 3D printer as a milling machine and vice-versa? Well, today we’re going to look at why that is and maybe at what a compromise could look like to handle both!

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How to get your 3D printer hot – faster!

In the recent MK3 review, I compared the heat up times of both the Prusa MK3 and MK2, and you might have noticed that small annotation I had with the MK2 being overvolted. A while ago, I had already published a video on how to do that and have your printer, any printer, really, heat up way faster and reach higher temperatures, but I pulled the video shortly after because it didn’t really have all the appropriate warnings attached to it. So before we start: