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Tips and Tricks for 3D Printing Beginners and Pros

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3D Printing Basics 2 – Choosing a Printer

Alright, so want a 3D printer, but – which one to choose? In this video, I want to help you plot out what your use case is, what that requires in a machine, and what to generally look for, and what to avoid in a 3D printer. The “Perfect” Printer So first of all, there is no “best” or “perfect” 3D printer. Even when you find someone that claims that this one machine is the best 3D printer ever, it might be, but just for them, and it’s just forContinue reading

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3D Printing Basics 1

A few weeks ago, Hackaday posted an article saying that 3D printing was still way too hard to get into and that finding the knowledge that everyone seems to be taking for granted these days can be kinda hard to piece together. So that’s what I’m going to fix with this video series. Welcome to the basics course on 3D printing! What is a 3D printer? Choosing a machine Resin printers Filament printer parts and maintenance Acquiring print files Basic slicer settings Whole 3D printing process Requirements for 3D printingContinue reading

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Resin finishing

I have some filament, I have some resin. Uh! Filament resin! Today I’ll try to combine some of the advantages from filament printing, that is cheap, fast and can do large prints with the surface finish of actual SLA resin. Let’s try it out! 

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Use the WRONG parts on any 3D Printer!

​Want to use 12V parts in a 24V printer? Fancy giving your stepper motors a boost by running their drivers at a higher voltage? In this video I’ll show you how! Okay, this one’s a guide to modifying or building your own printer. Because I’ve just modified and built my own printer, and it uses both a 12 and 24V components in the same system, using two power supplies. Let me tell you why that makes sense and how to do it on your own machine.