Perfect 3D Printer Bed Adhesives – from the Grocery Store!

Do you need specialty bed adhesives or is your pantry already hiding a perfectly suitable 3D printer bed coating? Let’s find out!

Usually the articles here are an illustrated version of the video’s script, but this one only came together once I did the experiments. So for your convenience, here’s the summary of how each one of these materials did!

Pasta Water

Once dried, pasta water creates a rigid, but tacky film that adheres well to PLA and PETG

Sriracha Sauce

Smells awesome when warm, but doesn’t hold down 3D prints

Tooth Paste

Creates a rubbery film that might stick to 3D prints, but easily peels from the glass

Soy Drink (Soy Milk)

Creates a hard film that PLA or PETG do not stick well to

Egg White

Gives a thin, clear film that sticks well, but peels off the glass with the print

Pineapple Sauce

Sticky. Gooey. Gross.


Depends on the exact brand used, but the one I got worked well.

Spray Paint

Gives surprisingly good adhesion, but removing prints also removes bits of the spray paint

Cling Film

Does not cling to glass well enough to hold down prints

Wood Glue

Dries hard and smooth and sticks well to the glass and prints

Packing Tape (PET Film)

Does not stick for PLA, but works well for PETG

Glue Stick

Proven solution for PLA and PETG

Clean Glass

Sticks well enough to PLA, but depending on which glass you get, PETG might take out chunks of glass when removing prints

Duct Tape

With its waxy surface, prints do not stick

3D Lac

Good adhesion and strong hold, even once cooled down

Of course, there are more intricate details to how well each of these materials worked – watch the video (at the top of the article) for more!

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