Building a Hangprinter!

If you want to 3D print really large parts, you have two options – either build a really large 3D printer with its own rigid frame or use the frame you already have: Your house! And that’s exactly what the Hangprinter is doing: It’s a fully featured frameless 3D printer that uses the room it’s set up in as a frame and suspends itself from the walls and ceiling with high-strength line.

The Hangprinter Playlist

The Hangprinter #3DMeetup


Sounds crazy? It is! It’s one of the most unique 3D printer designs out there, so – obviously – we are going to build one.

Together with creator Torbjorn Ludvisen and sponsor Trinamic, we’re spending a week in Hamburg, converting the Trinamic lunch room into a Hangprinter workspace and of course, you can follow along as well!

This page is going to serve as documentation for the project and as future reference if you want to build your own. It’ll get updated as the build progresses!

Discuss the Build

If you want more info directly from the Hangprinter core team, you can always find the most recent files for the Hangprinter on GitHub and progress updates on the blog.


These are the parts we used for the build! Many parts are free for you to swap for your favorite choices as long as they will provide the same functionality.

Electronics and 3D-printery bits

Trinamic TMC2130 on the Watterott SilentStepStick
Trinamic TMC2130 on the Watterott SilentStepStick
PartFunctionQty neededSeen at
15-lead (or more) ribbon wireConnection electronics - effector5mE3D / Aliexpress
E3D Volcano 1.75mm / 12VHotend1E3D / Matterhackers
E3D Volcano copper nozzle 1.2mmHotend1 (optional)E3D / Matterhackers (brass)
E3D Titan Aero 1.75mmExtruder1E3D / Matterhackers
Arduino Mega 2560 cloneMainboard1Aliexpress
12V 7.5A (or 10A) power supplyPower supply1Aliexpress
TMC2130 SilentStepStickStepper motor drivers5Watterott / Filastruder / Digikey
PTFE tube 4x2mm10cmE3D / Aliexpress

For the crucial components, we’re using high-quality, genuine parts such as a the E3D Volcano and Titan Aero. It is a bit longer, but you can also use a regular, non-Aero Titan. The Hangprinter needs to push out a lot of filament reliably, so if you decide to go with the budget option of a knocknoff Titan and Volcano, the entire extrusion system will top out at a lower volumetric flow rate and may overall not be as reliable as the real deal – and the last thing you want is a jam in the middle of a 5kg print! Other high-performance extrusion hardware like a Bondtech extruder is also going to work.


Mechanical components for the Hangprinter
Mechanical components for the Hangprinter
PartFunctionQty neededSeen at
Fused fishing line (30lb or more)Effector suspension60mAmazon
13mm (1/2") square wood profileEffector frame3x40cm, 1x20cmlocal
M3x5 screws, length 5 mmFastener16
M3x10 screws, length 10 mmFastener2
M3x25 screws, length 25 mmFastener13
M8x50 (or longer) countersink screwsFastener4
M3 nutsFastener25
M8 nutsFastener4
M3 washersFastener35
M8 washersFastener4
608 bearingsSpool bearings8Aliexpress
623VV bearingsLine bearing12Aliexpress
4x10 ~ 4x20 wood screwsFastener>20local
MDF or plywood sheetAssembly base47x47cmlocal


We went with 13mm beams for the effector instead of the standard 15mm ones. You can go with either one – the 15mm version can be built with 15mm wood, thin-walled aluminum tubing or carbon tubing available from Hobbyking. 13mm are close enough to 12.7mm, which is 1/2″, so you can go with locally available parts. We used 13mm beech hardwood beams, but again, thin-walled aluminum or carbon tubing in that size will work just as well!

Printed parts

Printed parts for the Hangprinter
Printed parts for the Hangprinter