This is what happened with the Sienci CNC livestream

This is what happened with the Sienci CNC livestream. It was streamed, ended abruptly and then disappeared from the face of the earth… for a while.


Here’s the shortened version of the stream

Here’s the full story:

Give me a second to explain what that deal was with the livestream from last saturday. This video is only going to be about that, if you want regular content, skip this one and come back tomorrow. So why am I making another video about it? Because that’s the only way to reach people. Not everyone follows me on Twitter or Facebook, maybe it would be a good opportunity to do that now, but really, the only way to get stuff like this out there is the same way the original stream went. So, YouTube

Ok, what happened. I built this CNC Mill One, again, horrible name, I built that live on Saturday, everything was going fine, and then I failed to get it running. I would like to point out, this is not the machine’s fault, the MillOne was actually doing much better than I was expecting it to, considering it’s this somewhat janky-looking aluminum profile and MDF box with a few 3D printed parts thrown in. But to get back on track, I ended that stream just when we were getting close to climax, I know that some of you walked out with blue balls that day, I’m sorry for that, but hey, that’s life. Sometimes you’ve just got to take things into your own hands.

But with all of that, I would like to point out a thing – I’m a human, you know, flesh and bone and all, a person, and that person is all that’s keeping this channel running. There’s no production manager and viewer experience director, this is just me. Like in a regular video, I have time, I can do retakes, I can edit things, if you didn’t know, I actually script all my bigger video beforehand, but a livestream, that’s the exact opposite of that. They stress me out. Like seriously, I enjoy doing them, but they are absolutely the most stressful moment of my week. Every single one. Because, you know, I have so many things to keep in mind, cameras, lights, audio, streaming software, chat, chat, chat, there’s a lot of it, but at the same time, there’s has to be some actual content, too. That is, like, the job of four people compressed into one. So, usually, that’s fine, I can deal with tech issues, but what’s really hard for me to handle is stalemates where there’s just nothing of interest happening for a while. I feel like the last quarter of that stream was exactly that, and what also didn’t help was people in chat smartassing about shit when some of them clearly had no clue about what they were talking about. I can only take so much. So, yeah, plug, pulled, stream over. It was not doing justice to this machine anymore, so that was the only possible conclusion. Plus, it was 12:30AM, past midnight, this thing is noisy as all hell.

Now what I don’t get are reactions like, “dude, you’re so unprofessional, you suck, I’m gonna downvote this next stream too, because fuck you”. Like, seriously, come on, what? Do I look like a fortune 500 TV studio to you? I mean, I try to make it look like that, but ugh. Give me a break. Are you seriously gonna get mad at me when, the next day, I decide not to ruin yet another stream by stopping in my tracks every two minutes to explain the stream before it? I did explain the topic once in that stream, but, you know, of course people are going to keep asking the same things, like how often have I been asked about the Anet A8 and CoreXY geometries, so please excuse me if my mods, thank you by the way, you were doing a great job, try their best to tone down the topic a bit.

So if you would kindly remove your downvotes from the Einscan stream that have nothing to do with the stream itself, I’d greatly appreciate that, because right now, that’s another stream that’s right now at over 10% downvotes, which, to me, says that is content that should be immediately removed from the channel because it sucks and people don’t want to waste their time watching it. I feel like that was a good stream, please don’t ruin that for me, too.

But that was the exact reason why I pulled the Sienci stream in the first place, I was getting a ton of shit in the comments and again, it was over 10% downvotes. So what am I to do, like just leave it up there?

Whatever. I’ve cut out the entire end of that stream, which is just pointless fiddling with software that is not going to work anyways, I’ve put it back up in that form on this channel because some folks were asking for it, the full recording, unedited, is up on the Tom’s 3D live channel, which is a content dump for lesser content like this and was intended for, like, behind the scenes livestream etc. So if you want to go watch it, feel free to do that, I’ll figure out something about what I should do next with the Sienci Mill One, I don’t, separate stream for the first cut seems pointless, but I hope you can stop asking about what the deal with the stream was now. Ok?

Hey, and on a positive note, this video was shot in 4K 50 frames on my new Panasonic GH5. Thanks Griffin Hammond for getting me hooked. For all three of you still watching, did you like the look of the update video? Should we go back to 25 frames? Too realistic? Too “TV”-like? Let me know. Thanks.

Learn more about the Sienci Mill One here

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