Reference PLA analysis! #Filaween

Alright, let’s set some references. The first one here is generic PLA.

Well, this is actually brand-name PLA, but it’s a low cost type at 20€ per kg including sales tax that performs perfectly average in my experiences. I don’t want to prefer or highlight any brand for the reference material, so the exact brand is going to stay a mystery forever. This PLA, like most other PLAs was printed at 210C and a 55C PEI bed.

Overall print quality on the Benchy was excellent, and while the Make magazine tests for Overhangs and Bridges scored 4 out of 5 for some degradation at the most challenging areas, the fine detail test showed significant stringing and material deposition between the spikes. Overall, it scores a solid 16 out of 20 in the quality tests. Typical for PLA, the temperature stability is poor, but it performed well in the strength tests, only lagging behind when it comes to layer bonding. It gets a weighted strength rating of 42.5kg.

No warping or other nuisances was observed during any test, which makes this an easy filament to use and a typical example for a common PLA.

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