Reference ABS test! #Filaween

Next up, as a reference material, is this lovely dark green ABS.

It’s an eastern european make and was purchased for around 20€ per kg. Quality-wise, this not the best ABS in the world, but a good tribute to what you’d typically end up printing with. I used it at 255C with a 100C PEI bed, and it actually ended up showing some slight warping on one of the prints.

The Benchy has some drooping at the bridges and some slight curling at the bow, which is also confirmed by the Make tests for overhangs and bridges. ABS typically performs better with larger prints that give overhangs like these a bit more time to cool, but this is isn’t supposed to be some ideal condition showcase, but rather a challenging test that brings out the differences in the filaments.

Strength was consistent, with lower results than the common PLA and a weighted strength rating of 32kg. As expected, temperature stability was good with mostly fully rigidity maintained after being boiled alive. This ABS showed more flex than the generic PLA and overall confirms what we expect from a normal ABS filament.

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