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Update your 3D printer firmware without a bootloader!

I also explain how to burn a bootloader to a 3D Printer that doesn’t have one yet. But really, you might not even need one! Use a USBtinyISP as a programmer or re-purpose an Arduino board you might already have to upload anything even to mainboards that do not come with a bootloader installed. Now, one of the questions that was unanswered in that video was “How do I upload firmware if I can’t do it through USB because my board has no booatloader installed on it?” – well, that’sContinue reading

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Tips and Tricks

How to set up the Marlin firmware!

Setting up the Marlin firmware can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t done it before, but most of the settings are fairly straightforward if you know what they mean. Get Marlin and Arduino at marlinfw.org and arduino.cc This video is sponsored by Alephobjects, Inc! Learn more about their Lulzbot line of open-source 3D printers here http://lulzbot.com/