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Build your own 3D Printer
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Build your own 3D Printer: Frames and Linear Motion!

Building a RepRap-style 3D Printer without buying a full kit is still the purist’s way to go – it’s the cheapest and most flexible way of acquiring a 3D printer, but there are a lot of chances where stuff can go wrong. In this mini-series i’ll try to cover the most important spots while Luk builds his iTopie i3! iTopie i3 Herculien Repository and Community

Tips and Tricks

Guide: Heated bed thermistor mounting done properly!

While the Heated bed thermistor included on the back of silicone heaters are generally inaccurate, taping one somewhere else isn’t exactly a better option, either. So why not do it right once and for all? Sven’s Facebook Glass fiber sleeving Support me by shopping on eBay through these affiliate links! Anything you buy through these gives me a small bonus to run the channel – at no extra cost to you! Ebay: [US/UK/CA/AU] http://goo.gl/jbX1sG [DE] http://goo.gl/Yn4bCv Amazon: [US] http://amzn.to/1P18UYb