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Things you should know about ABS

Next up in this series, ABS! Ok, let’s start out with probably the most important bit about ABS: There’s not just one ABS, there are dozens of different versions that are all ABS-based or even just ABS-like. Let’s actually start with just ABS itself, which already isn’t just one thing. It’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 

Learn the art of STL-bending!
Tips and Tricks

Learn the art of STL-bending!

It is 2018 now, and the thing to do is, of course, start with a big “new year, new me” resolution. But we also know how hard those are to stick to. Easy solution? Just post a photo of yourself and throw Instagram filters on it until all your Internet friends forget you’re still the exact same person as last year. Well, this one’s not getting any better…

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Building the cheapest possible Prusa i3 MK2

What is the cheapest possible, real 3D printer you can buy without making one compromise after the other? That’s the question we’re asking by building a Prusa i3 MK2-style 3D printer that comes with most of the important features of the original one from Josef Prusa and requires a bit more work for sourcing and building the machine, but most importantly, we’re going to build it only with the most affordable set of parts.