Author: Nils Hitze

Motor gears for the Hangprinter

Building a Hangprinter!

If you want to 3D print really large parts, you have two options – either build a really large 3D printer with its own rigid frame or use the frame you already have: Your house! And that’s exactly what the Hangprinter is doing: It’s a fully featured frameless 3D printer that uses the room it’s set up in as a frame and suspends itself from the walls and ceiling with high-strength line.

The State of OpenSource #TCT2017

The State of OpenSource #TCT2017

"Open source" is more than a marketing term!Watch this video on YouTube What’s up everyone, Tom here, and today we’re going to look at OpenSource and how the original idea of freely sharing knowledge is getting watered down more and more. And this is a problem!


Creality CR-10 Unboxing and first look!

Live: Creality CR-10 unboxing and first look! (Not a review)Watch this video on YouTube The CR-10 is supposed to be one of the best low-budget 3D printer options, sporting a huge print area, active community and a super affordable price. But will we be able to get it printing tonight? Let’s find out! 🛒 Get the CR-10 from Gearbest [📦🌐] Yellow Blue 💲 12% off everything on Gearbest: Use code GBTE (valid for all non-discounted items) Get the CR-10 up to 500x500mm from the Creality store