100k Giveaway

We did it! We finally did it! 100 thousand subscribers on this YouTube channel, that is amazing! Huge thanks to every single one of you who clicked that subscribe button. Now, there are a few things that you kinda need to do when you reach 100k – the first one is to make yourself a framed YouTube play button, because, I mean, you do get like the official silver one from YouTube for 100k, but that thing is notoriously slow to arrive. I know of channels that were long past 500k subscribers when it finally arrived, so until then, let’s go figure this out!

Of course, this is going to get 3D printed, that’s what the channel is built around, so we need a model for this. And as usual, I draw my stuff in Onshape. Starting with the play button I roughly sketched out during the Sienci build, I extruded that, then added a slight curvature to the top and added a few roundovers and then punched out the center play icon. Now, I didn’t want to just replicate the real deal, so…. let’s make it tiny! I wanted to try the ridiculous 0.15mm nozzles here, but as it turns out the glitter particles in the filament aren’t too great for that. Printing with regular PLA and a non-geared extruder actually looked like it would work just fine, so I’ll give that a go another day. But for now, back to the regular 0.4mm nozzle. The way the geometry is set up it’s still going to look great with just the thinner layers at 0.05mm.

Now just a quick frame for the entire thing, the backdrop with the original layout – thanks Adafruit for the photo of the real deal, print it glue it and… we’re done! I’m happy with that until the real thing arrives. It’s going to go up on the wall in a second!

Oh, by the way, this was done with the final version of my Infinity Blue by DAS FILAMENT, and this leads nicely into the next topic. What the play button was printed with is actually the third iteration of the color, we started out with this one, which a clear flip-flop-sorta color, and I liked it, but wasn’t quite my channel color, looking at it again, it’s pretty close to Fillamentum Noble Blue actually. Then this was the second version, the color tone was better, but it was still missing the most part, and that was the metallic glitter, so this is now the official Tom’s 3D Infinity Blue by DAS FILAMENT.

I really like the color, of course, I should, but, you know, it’s a nice color that’s actually usable for real prints and not just some neon-colored stuff that’s just going to sit in the corner. The metallic particles are just the finishing touch, and overall, it’s precisely manufactured, it prints well, it’s just good filament. We’re doing a special badge of these with smaller spools and just 500g of filament instead of 800g each, and that allows DAS FILAMENT to offer them for less than 20€ each, including shipping to anywhere the world! They’re being made right now, the first ones go out to my Patreon supporters, but you can also order the limited “pocket” edition that’s cheaper to ship or regular 800g spools from DAS FILAMENT’s store, link below, and by the way, I’m not getting a single penny from filament sales there, just to make that clear. And the last option to get some is to win it!

So, that’s the other thing that is customary when you reach 100k – just ridiculous amounts of goodies for free for you guys! I got some of my favorite companies to chip in – We’ve got machines from Prusa and Printrbot, filaments from DAS, Matterhackers and rigid.ink as well as goodie packs from Aprintapro and, we’ll see, maybe I’ll figure out this entire T-Shirt thing and I’ll throw in some of those and stickers, too!

So we’re starting this week’s giveaway with Prusa! The prizes are an assembled MK2S and a kit MK2S, those come directly from Prusa Research, so huge thanks for that, if you want to win either of those, check out the link on screen now or dial 1-800-628-… just kidding!

The next giveaway is going to start right after that, so even if you don’t win, you still get a chance for more awesome prize packages.

And that’s it for today, thank you all for stopping by, hope you win some stuff and I’ll see you all in the next one!

Tom’s 3D 100k giveaway: Prusa MK2S!

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