Bad and great 3D printer wire management explained!

Just because there’s a drag chain on your printer doesn’t mean it’s got great cable management. There are still a lot of things to looks out for and even a few much cheaper alternatives that can work just as well if done right!

This article is simply going to serve as a quick list of a few “dos” and “don’ts” – for the full story, watch the video above!

Drag chains: Great if used properly on a machine, but hugely detrimental to the longevity of a printer’s cabling if used wrong.
A smaller bend radius (in the moving section) results in a shorter lifespan of the cable,
but a thinner cable will generally last longer than a thicker one at the same radius
An appropriate bend radius for the IGUS CF130 cables and other, simpler cable types. The super-tight drag chains you see on many cheaper printers are almost never engineered properly and will lead to premature failure of the cables.
Cables need to be tied down at both ends of the drag chain. They should not be pulled or pushed tight, but still have some wiggle room either way.

Bad design: No strain relief, shrinkwrap amplifies the issue by acting as a rigid lever (like a stress riser)

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