I made an open-source educational loudspeaker kit!

This is my fully modular speaker experimentation kit, the M3-SK!
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This is a fully modular loudspeaker building kit! Use it to build functional speakers, prototype designs or to learn about how acoustics and loudspeakers work.

The kit was designed to be easy to use and affordable. Including filament, a full kit can be assembled for just around $15!

In this design, I’m providing some basic building blocks from driver mounts, a few different enclosure sizes as well as a few different rear caps with bass reflex ports and a passive membrane. But the files are all open-source and you’re more than welcome to modify them to your liking!

Project files

Materials used

36 / 40mm drivers
40x70mm drivers
Passive Membrane – also experiment with other sizes
Headphone Jacks

Aprintapro Flex Hard
Fillamentum Noble Blue

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