Print the rainbow: UniCoFil’s rainbow PLA filament review! #Filaween

Don’t feel like spending big on a color-mixing hotend? Here’s the easy alternative everyone can use!

It’s Filaween. All year ‘round. The party never stops. Not with this filament! This is UniCoFil’s Pastel Rainbow. As you can see, it’s not just one color, it’s 16 full rainbows per spool. Even though the material is PLA, it’s selling at a premium 47€ per kilogram, but hey, that’s only 2€ and 20ct per rainbow. Try beating that!

The filament has the same repeating sequence of colors throughout the spool at fixed intervals, so that means prints that use 45g of filament will show full cycle of colors. Smaller prints that only use a few grams might have a bit of transition, but the effect is best used with larger print or when printing multiple copies of a part at the same time. And the best part is – it works on any single-extruder 3D printer. I’m impressed by how well the material prints, as i was expecting it to be a total gimmick, but every benchmark and the real-world prints came out nearly perfectly when printed at 210°C and a 55° heated bed. Only the bridges test showed the usual slight droop, but it still makes for an excellent 19 out of 20 quality score. The prints feel really smooth and silky, but are quite stiff. As a result, the strength rating for the bend tests was respectable, but it fell short in the pull tests. In total, the material scores a perfectly average rating of 48kg. But it’s still a PLA, so it doesn’t really stand a chance against a shower of boiling water.

So while it’s probably not an effect you’d want on every print, the UniCoFil rainbow filaments are certainly nice to have around for those special occasions and do not sacrifice printability for pure looks.

Lion model by _primoz_

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