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The story of E3D!

Do you have to stop being a startup at some point? E3D choose not to, even though they are now a leader in 3D printing hotends, extruders and materials. This is their story!

Why dual extrusion matters - First look at the Prometheus System!
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Why dual extrusion matters – First look at the Prometheus System!

The time is now! Dual- and Multiextrusion have always been around, but never really caught on. This year, we’re going to see a whole lot more of it and more sophisticated solutions, too! Prometheus System Kickstarter Models shown: Pet monster Valentine by Andreas Böhler Two Color World by m6mafia Dice with coloured dots (Dual Extrusion) by PolygonPusher 2-color standing cat by nervoussystem SIMPLE PROPELLERS by davidbec08

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Build your own 3D Printer: Which hotend to pick!

I cut open my very first hotend for this one. So this is what the iTopie i3 looks like now – you’ll notice that Luke decided to go with a modern penta-color paint job with the classic white and black main elements, metallic silver and gold on the feet to match brass and steel details on the printer’s mechanics, and they all nicely complement the bright red printed parts. So as you can tell, it’s going to be a very classy printer once he actually gets around to finishing it.Continue reading