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3D printing basics: From idea to the physical world! [Q&A / walkthrough]

3D printing basics: From idea to the physical world! [Q&A / walkthrough]Watch this video on YouTube Today we’ll walk through the full process from the initial idea to the finished 3d printed part! Whether you’ve just barely heard of 3D printing or are already a proud 3D printer owner, feel free to ask any questions in live chat for any stage of 3D design, fixing files, slicing and, finally, 3D printer preparation and operation. Live tips/donations here!   Music is Chris Zabriskie – Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little LaterContinue reading


International 3D Printing Hangout

International 3D Printing HangoutWatch this video on YouTube Whosa Whatsis, Sanjay Mortimer, Tim Rastall, Brook Drumm, Richard Horne and Thomas Sanladerer talk about the Makerbot controversy and Tesla’s patents, crazy new printer designs and compare the size of their build volume!