Ultra-textured PrimaSELECT Carbon PETG



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Could PETG be a better base for carbon fiber reinforced filaments? Well, depends on what properties you are looking for, but fibers don’t seem to be the end-all solution yet.

Right, so carbon fiber is a compositing partner you can add to a practically any material, but the results will vary depending on how suitable the match is. 3D Prima decided to use it to spice up their PETG filament for creating the 80€ per kilogram Primaselect Carbon.

Compared to other carbon filled filaments, this one seems to have longer or simply more fibers, as the prints come out very rough, almost with a sandpaper-like finish, and the properties we typically see from filled filaments are fortified, such as a tendency to ooze and poor performance with bridges. In this case, those properties are visible even in the 3DBenchy print, resulting in a low print quality score of 11 out of 20.

As long as the load on your printed parts stays parallel to the layers, you’ll see good strength and an exceptionally low amount of flex, however, as soon the load needs to traverse layer boundaries, both the stiffness and ultimate strength drop considerably. This filament does require a hardened nozzle, but the fiber content means warping is an absolute non-issue.

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