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8.0/10’s PETG managed to outperform my testing setup. Could this be the demise of PLA and ABS?

PET and modified PET filaments are sort of the new kid on the block with all the cool toys. These promise better strength and toughness than both ABS or PLA, while ranking somewhere in the middle of these two when it comes to printability and heat resistance.

Let’s see how the British PETG holds up for its mid-range price of 36€ per kilogram. This one is the “orange translucent” one, and yes, the color is just as oversatured in real life.

Using a 20% print fan setting, this PETG printed well at 235°C onto a 75°C heated bed with a coating of glue stick to make part removal easier. Print quality is consistent, with a few visible bumps in the overhangs and an otherwise solid performance. Where it gets interesting, though, are the strength tests, where the PETG actually managed to outperform my test setup, with me failing to break the pull test for layer strength, resulting in a “did not fail” and the maximum score for this test.

Even though strength was mediocre otherwise, this filament deserves its weighted strength rating of 55.5kg. Heat resistance is not quite as good as ABS, but better than PLA. The tradeoff for this is extra softness in the printed part, with twice as much flex at a 1kg load compared to PLA. Overall though, the PETG is a likeable filament with its own set of applications.

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