The MPCNC Build List

We’re building a MPCNC! You can find the parts I used listed below, as well as the build videos and livestreams. As the build goes on, this page will get updated!

Parts used

Building the MPCNC (1): Parts and component choices!

Printed parts

For the project I printed the official parts from V1 Engineering, but I’ve since learned that there are substitute community versions available that make metric hardware much more usable. After having built with the official parts, I can highly recommend not using them and printing the modified versions instead. (August 2019)

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can also order the parts through V1 Engineering or services like 3D Hubs. But it’s more fun to print them yourself!

Non-printed parts

PartFunctionQtyAvailable from:
Duet 2 WiFiMainboard1Duet3dMatterhackers
MKS Gen 1.4 (set with A4988)Mainboard (alternative)1 Aliexpress
NEMA17Stepper motors5AmazonAliexpress
Coupler 5x8mmLeadscrew coupler1AmazonAliexpress
GT2-2M 16T pulleyBelt pulley (5mm bore)2AmazonAliexpress
GT2-2M 6mm beltXY belt (sets with pulleys available)5mAmazonAliexpress
Longer wiring set (optional)Motor wire (etc) extension. Match to motor and board connector.1Aliexpress (motor cables)
Aliexpress (generic 3DP wiring sets)
Power supply Electronics / steppersupply (24V 2A preferred, 12V 5A also works)1AmazonAliexpress
400W / 500W Brushless spindle setMilling motor with speed control & power supply1Aliexpress
608 bearings (608-2RS recommended)Used as linear bearings.53 (often sold as 10- or 12-packs)AmazonAliexpress
Base plate1Local
25x2mm tubingFrame, linear railsUse the calculatorAmazon
3/4″ GRT conduit tubingUS alternative tubingLocal

Screws and fasteners (list at V1 engineering) are available through sources like Amazon, but I’ve found it’s much easier to find a specialized store that carries everything in a consistent quality.