I copied a 5ct part using tech worth thousands

Today we’re going to use a 13-hundred € 3D scanner and a 1000€ 3D printer to fix a compost bin that cost all of 19€.

Why am I doing this? Because it’s a great showcase for practical 3D printing, I get to use the Einscan SE scanner and show that process to you, it’s kind of like a mini-review even, and you gotta remember, you can use this process I’m about to show you not just to replicate a 5ct injection-molded part, but also parts that you might not be able to buy on their own – someone once made a replacement for the clip of his BMW hat rack and saved himself 1000 bucks because BMW would only sell the entire rack as a unit. So keep that in mind with that process. Also, the other reason why I’m publishing this video now is that I’ve been travelling too much. This whole year I’ve had basically one trip every month, sucking up two or three weeks every time and there’s only so much showfloor content I can publish.

This video is still not perfectly what I want this channel to be, the good stuff will be back very soon, I promise. Alright, let’s get this video going!

So, as always, I hope you found this video interesting, entertaining, educational, whatever you watch these for, again, keep in mind, “regular” content is going to resume in a bit. Until then, I want to take a second to thank all my awesome Patrons who are making this possible!

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