Repairing cheap power supplies!

Repairing cheap power supplies!

It’s easy to fix these simple power supplies with a keen eye and a few spares!

πŸ›’ Inrush limiting NTCs
πŸ›’ Replacement transistors
πŸ›’10A power supplies
πŸ›’20A power supplies

Tools used (some are better versions of the tools I use)
πŸ›’ Knipex needle-nose pliers
πŸ›’ Knipex wire strippers
πŸ›’ Knipex flush cutters
πŸ›’ Wire crimping set
πŸ›’ Soldering station

Please do not attempt these repairs if you are not confident about your electronics skills. It is impossible to explain every detail in a video, so please proceed at your own risk.

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