ABS isn’t weak: REC ABS filament review! #Filaween

I might actually change my opinion on ABS after testing this one. This is the first ABS i’ve used in a long while that’s actually decent!

Hey look, a decent ABS. Where? Here!

This filament from REC comes from russia with love and sells at 27€ per kilogram. Printed at a comparatively low 235°C onto the regular PEI bed heated to 100°, it saw no warping or other reliability issues.

However, as my Youtube commentor are keen to point out, ABS should only be printed in an enclosed chamber, so we’re not going to be looking at the open-air benchy, but at this one. Print quality overall is okay, with the only real issue being curling at the overhangs as seen with other ABS filaments. Bridges and fine details come out practically flawlessly, netting the REC ABS 14 out of 20 point.

What’s also working out in its favor are its mechanical properties, with good stiffness and overall very respectable layer adhesion and material strength and a combined rating of 50kg. Temperature resistance is good, as is to be expected from an ABS material. So overall, the REC ABS is definitely one of the better styrene-based filaments if you have the right setup for it.

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