Does Acetone also work for welding and smoothing PLA 3D printed parts?

Supposedly you can use Acetone not just for welding and smoothing ABS, but also for PLA…. or can you? Only one way to find out!

What’s up everyone, Tom here, and at this point, i can be considered common knowledge that you can use Acetone vapor to smooth out the layer lines of 3D printed parts made from ABS, HIPS and the likes. But i was told that it would also work for some types of PLA, like the DAS FILAMENT.

I was intrigued, because the common understanding is basically that PLA shouldn’t be affected by Acetone. But i’ve got plenty of printed parts sitting around, so why not just try it out?

So, ok, while Acetone vapor really doesn’t seem to do much for PLA when it comes to vapor smoothing, other than maybe making the surface a bit less reflective, it does work perfectly for welding PLA parts together, which i honestly didn’t expect at all.

If you want to buy some Acetone, you can actually do that on Amazon, there are affilate links down in the video description. And that’s it, thanks for watching, and i’ll see you in the next one!

Acetone is highly flammable (as it says on every jar). Please be safe when trying this!

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