Best PLA yet – from! #Filaween

There are many PLAs to choose from, and while there is not that much of a difference between most of them, the standard-issue material from is just a bit better than most of them!

Wait, another PLA? Really?

Yup. But this one is pretty good. This is PLA from the UK, sold for a reasonable, Brexit-subsidized 31€ per kg and designated specifically as a low heat grade PLA, so i ended up printing it at 195°C and set the heated bed to 50°C, just because my PEI bed surface doesn’t really stick that well when cold.

Print quality was excellent, probably partly due to the low temperature, but there was an exceptionally low tendency of stringing and good performance with bridges, overhangs and the all-in-one 3DBenchy, making for an overall quality score of 18 out of 20. But i did expect strength and particularly layer adhesion to suffer from the low print temperatures, which was absolutely not the case – exactly the opposite, actually.

Layer adhesion was excellent and overall strength consistent, scoring the PLA the highest strength rating yet at 64.5kg. Heat resistance, as always with PLAs, was low, and in line with my my expectations. So overall, the good strength, high print quality and affordable price make the PLA a no-brainer to recommend.

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