DAS FILAMENT review – simply good PLA! #Filaween

Filament made in Germany – and cheap, too! This has been one of my favorite PLA filaments over the years because it just works.

“But Tom, what about the filament you *actually* print with?”

Well, this has been my go-to PLA for the last few years, the Made-in-Germany and very creatively named DAS FILAMENT at a very affordable 20€ per kilogram, which is even less than many of the far-east import filaments. They’ve got the full range of the usual colors, but i went with the translucent green one here and printed it like most other PLAs at 210°C onto a 55°C heated bed. Print quality is solid and on par with filaments three times its price in all tests, with no issues when it comes to filament consistency, ease of use or layer adhesion, as one should be able to expect from a basic PLA these days. Strength is also good at a weighted rating 46kg, well, actually that’s perfectly average for the PLAs i’ve tested so far. As is heat resistance, which is non-existent.

So overall, the DAS FILAMENT PLA is probably one of the least exciting filaments to have a look at, but at its low-end price point, that’s exactly what makes it easy to recommend as a daily driver.

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