Impact-modified PLA: Primaselect PLA review! #Filaween

A new trend has arrived when it comes to our beloved PLA filaments: Adding impact modifiers that promise to make it “about 12 times stronger than ordinary PLA”. Can it really pull that off?

The Primaselect PLA from 3DPrima for 40€ per kilogram might not sound special, but it is one of the new-generation impact modified PLAs that not only promise better strength, but also add a pearlescent sheen to all parts you print, while feeling subjectively smoother and less harsh than traditional PLA.

Prints come out quite smooth with any inconsistencies in the layers masked by the surface finish. It scores full marks for the 3DBenchy print, and a 4 out of five for overhangs, bridges and fine details, each one being very close to scoring a full 5 points. In the strength tests, it settles in at weighted rating of 48kg, which is perfectly comparable to regular PLA filaments.

When it comes to thermal resistance, it feels like it actually softens a slight amount more than other PLAs, which would agree with the slightly higher flexibility the base printed parts seems to have. However, the prints also showed less adhesion to the bed and therefore a higher tendency of warping, making it less suitable for unheated beds and requiring a bump in print temperatures to 215°C and a 65°C heated bed.

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