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Hey everyone, Tom here, and, yes, things are happening. Probably a bit faster than what i’m comfortable with, but hey, that’s life. You can’t always just sit around in your comfort zone.

So remember how i said “I’ll take a regular full time job as an engineer again and the world will just keep on turning.” Well, that’s not happening. What’s happening instead is that i’m going all-out self-employed with 3D printing content. No more oh-so-safe 9-to-5 job, no more regular paycheck, but also, no more working for the man. Now, this will be, by far, the most impactful and, honestly, has already been the hardest decision in my life so far, but one thing is certain: I would have regretted not taking the plunge now when i had the chance, it’s only going to get harder down the road. For me, this step is mostly about following my heart and doing what feels right at this very moment. Whether it’s been a smart decision, well, i have no idea!

So basically, now that i can dedicate all my time instead of just my “free” time to sharing my knowledge on 3D printing with you, and probably, down the road, on a few other topics as well, that means, obviously, more content for you to enjoy! And that also means i can be more flexible and try out more things instead of just finishing the videos i have to make, and then immediately starting on the next one i have to finish and spend my spare time of the next one and a half weeks on that. So that should be great for everyone!

What it also means is that now i somehow have to make a living of of this. Google Adsense and the affiliate programs are great for generating a basic income, but those are obviously not yet nearly enough to be my only income. So, yes, there are going to be sponsor spots in some of my videos, and you know me, those are not going to be filled with products that i don’t personally approve of.

And also, now is the time where i can feel good about asking for your support through Patreon. I’ve said this before, up until now, i was always like, well, i have an income, i don’t need any more than that, so why should i ask you for your hard-earned money as well? But you kept asking me for it, and now is the time where it makes sense, so here is my Patreon campaign, if you’re not familiar with how it works, basically, as a so-called patron of the arts, you can pledge a monthly amount that will support me and my channel and allow me to keep creating independent content. In return, you’ll get additional access to things like Patreon-exclusive live Q&A sessions. So check out the link up here or in the video description to learn more about that.

And that’s about it! Let me know in the comments below if you think i’m an idiot for not taking a “normal job”, and while i can’t respond to every comment, i do read them all. Other than that, thanks for your support – it’s gonna be one hell of a ride, but i think it’s going to be worth it in the end. See ya!

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