3DPS: The Aye Aye Labs Hotrod Henry!

From the 3D Printshow Berlin 2015

Aye Aye Labs ayeayelabs.com

Some things are a bit different. They’re unique, they’re crazy and from a practical standpoint, maybe even a bit pointless. I love those things.

Now, the Aye Aye Labs HotRod Henry from Poland is everything # but pointless. It is a 3D Printer, and a pretty nice one at it. It’s got a 35 by 35 by # 60 centimeter build space, up to two all-metal hotends, an aluminum and glass heated bed, really nice linear rails, drag chains and what not. And as a 3D printer, it seems to do a really decent job! The pictures on their website don’t look quite as nice as the models they showed in their booth, but let’s admit it – you’re not going to buy this machine for its print quality.

These are one-of-a-kind, handmade printers that you will drool over for their looks. And at a show where every printer seems to be nothing more than the bare engineering necessities to make it work, / one that is styled after a 50’s hot rod, or, i guess, a fridge, is going to run some heads. Mine included. It’s fascinating to see how well this relatively simple fridge-style design works for a 3D printer, and the folks from Aye Aye Labs even included a few smart details. The filament can either be stored on the back of the printer, like you’d expect it, or in the bottom compartment, from which it is nicely routed up all the way to the extruder. And as you’d expect from any decent printer these days, it has an LCD display, but also includes a bunch of extra buttons that let you move the printer without having to exclusively rely on that fiddly dial. They should have cleaned off the fingerprints, though.

Like i said, each one of these is hand-made, and i’m not sure if this is an official sticker price, but i heard they are something around 5000 Euros. Which, i guess, puts another nail in the coffin of the current Makerbot lineup.

So that was the Aye Aye Labs Hotrod Henry that i kinda fell in love with, stay tuned and subscribe for more coverage from the 3D Printshow 2015 Berlin. See ya!