Month: November 2014

Hardware Reviews

Honest review: PrintToPeer’s cloud printing software

PrintToPeer aims to take the entire printing process from your local computers to the “cloud”. Find out if that’s something you will want to use! PrintToPeer PrintToPeer’s Indiegogo campaign Lulzbot’s insane printer farm Decide which guides i do next Support me by shopping on eBay through these affiliate links: [US/UK/CA/AU] [DE] [DE] Mein Einsteigerkurs zum Thema 3D-Drucken Music by Cosmic Analog Ensemble

Tips and Tricks

Q&A: Endstops, Electronics wiring, Smell-free filament and linear guide options!

More Q&A! This time with questions about endstops, the Prusa Calculator, my last name, hooking up RepRap electronics and why a voltage divider is a better idea than a 7805 regulator for level-shifting the signal from an inductive sensor. Turns out i slightly misread the question about the sub-$1k printer a tiny bit – if you want to build a Prusa i3 kit, that is definitely a good option as well. It might be a bit trickier than building a Printrbot, but you will also learn a bit more aboutContinue reading