AIO Robotics ZEUS
It’s a 3D printer! It’s a 3D scanner! No, it’s AIO robotics’ ZEUS all-in-one! Buy from Amazon [US] Buy from Amazon [DE] Buy from AIO robotics   Music by: David Cutter Music – and/or Monstercat

[2/2] 3D fax: AIO Robotics ZEUS unboxing + first 3D ...

Markforged Mark Two live unboxing!
I mean, sure, you can get carbon-filled filaments for any 3D printer, but those are mostly for show. This is the real deal from Markforged, using a Nylon base material and continuous Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Glass Fiber for parts that rival solid aluminum in strength and stiffness! đź›’ Buy […]

3D print with continuous Carbon Fiber and Kevlar – Markforged ...

e3d ftw
Do you have to stop being a startup at some point? E3D choose not to, even though they are now a leader in 3D printing hotends, extruders and materials. This is their story! After the TCT show in Birmingham, E3D invited me over for a tour of their headquarters. And […]

The story of E3D!

The hype train has finally arrived - this is the Ultimaker 3
The Ultimaker 3 is here! These are the things you should know about it, its larger brother, the Ultimaker 3 Extended and the future of Ultimaker in the “Maker” market.

Ultimaker 3 Impressions!

TCT: Why open source is life for AlephObjects, makers Lulzbot 3D printers!
Sharing is caring, right? AlephObjects take it very seriously and religiously embrace free/libre hardware and software! All videos from the TCT show Birmingham 2016 Huge thanks to for making this trip possible! Also make sure to check out my Lulzbot reviews.  

TCT: Why open source is life for AlephObjects, makers Lulzbot ...